kalend.re lets you convert one spread sheet into multiple filtered calendar feeds

Copy and paste your sheet, add a filter and share the public url

You can create an account there.

share personalised (filtered) calendars

Kalend.re is an online tool that makes it easy to share personalised (filtered) calendars with people in your community or clients of your company.

let your users create their own personalised calendars

Share public calendar web pages and .ics feeds that users subscribe to using Apple's Calendar, Outlook or Google Calendar. Or let your users create their own personalised calendars based on your master calendar.

Ideal for working with volunteers

Ideal for organisations that work with a lot of volunteers (get the times you have service) like churches or companies that use schedules like yoga studio's and gyms (only subscribe to the classes you are interested in).

How it works

Prepare your sheet

Add a start column and a column for the calendar label. Optional columns for all day events, repeating events, end date, etc. You can have as many columns as you like.

Copy and paste your sheet into kalend.re

Check if all is well

Go on and filter all the columns!

Set rules like you do in Mail.app and filters like you do in Excel and Numbers. Choose what fields need to be shown in the description field. Combine as many "and" and "or" filters as you would like. Create as many exports you like from one master calendar.

Share your food feed

Share your public caledar url or .ics calendar url with your users or have them generate their own personalised calendar. Once they are subscribed, you can make all the changes you want to the master calendar. They will be up to date.